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Teaching others how to create optimal health through self love, joy and an understanding of the body's innate healing wisdom.

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Our gut plays a major role, not only in our gastrointestinal health, but in the health and well-being of the entire body. The gut work as a communication center for the brain, not only to guarantee optimal digestion but also other important health functions.

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Have you been sluggish lately? Retaining weight? Moody, or your brain is foggy? Then it’s time to DETOXIFY! As the seasons change, you might find yourself going into full clean-up mode. It's the right time to get rid of unwanted things and start fresh.

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Most people don’t really understand the flow of energy in their body or the frequency that going on their respective body. For a limited knowledge about Frequency Medicine, I decided to create this course to educate people this natural way of healing your body from diseases.

Mind, body, and spirit

“Living blissfully with limitless possibilities!
Eat light, Speak light, Live light,

— Doctor Nyree


5 Reasons Why Someone Should Choose
Doctor Nyree...

  • Evaluation — She employs the most comprehensive and unique evaluation in the industry.

  • Experience — Her treatment modalities are a specialized combination of Eastern and Western Medicine that are tailored to each patient.

  • Energy Medicine — She understands and implements that whole health occurs by treating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.

  • Expert — She has a team of highly specialized experts that offer the most effective treatment plans under one roof.

  • Empathy — She is compassionate and caring and takes the time to listen to the needs of her patients.

What People Say About Us...

In about 3 months, My Blood Pressure started to come down significantly, and after 3 years it’s back down to being normal without any medication…

I think both of us we’re feeling a little bit tired but in a positive way knowing how much better we’re feeling is great…

What she did was remarkable. I feel quite younger, My faces were very smooth and my wrinkles diminished. A lot of under eye problems went…