There is a chemical in your body called NAD+. This chemical is called adenine dinucleotide. Bacteria and other single-cell organisms aren’t the only ones that use NAD+. Primates, for example, have a lot of cells, but they also use a lot of other molecules. If we didn’t have NAD+, we’d be on the fast track to death. The molecule is an important part of the work of the cells that make energy, called mitochondria. When we eat food, NAD+ helps us turn it into energy. It also plays a big role in keeping our DNA in good shape and making sure our cells work properly, which helps us stay young and healthy. If you live in Tarpon Springs and thinking about NAD, Dr Nyree Abdool is here for you.

Benefits of

NAD+ acts like a shuttle bus, moving electrons from one molecule to another inside cells to do all kinds of things. With its molecular counterpart, NADH, this important molecule plays a role in a number of metabolic reactions that help our cells get their energy. Without enough NAD+, our cells wouldn’t be able to make enough energy to live and do their jobs. NAD+ also plays a role in regulating our circadian rhythm, which controls our body’s sleep and wake cycles.

NAD+ is important for organisms to keep their mitochondria and genes in check as they get older. Even so, the level of NAD+ in our bodies drops a lot as we age. The more we get older, the less NAD+ we have, so we lose it. People who are 50 “have about half the level they had when they were 20,” says David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard.

In studies, it has been found that a decrease in the molecule is linked to age-related diseases like accelerated aging, metabolic disorders, heart disease, and neurodegeneration. Low levels of NAD+ are linked to age-related disease because the body doesn’t work as well. But replenishing NAD+ levels has shown promising results in animal models when it comes to reversing age-related diseases, increasing lifespan, and improving healthspan.

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